Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do we need to get re-ratified every year? Yes, information HERE.
  • Can I see last year’s club constitution? Yes, it may be available under your club HERE, or email for a copy of it.



  • How do I book space? Fill out an event proposal form HERE.
  • What space can I book?
  • Why can’t I book an event on the same day? This timeline does not ensure proper procedure is followed allowing for potential booking problems to occur. Ie. double bookings, locked doors, noise restrictions etc.
  • Why can't I book space longer than 2 weeks in advance? Set by the Registrar's office, this ensures that proper classroom management can occur in the proper hierarchy of need.
  • How do we get a club room or locker?


  • Why do we have to set-up & take-down the room ourselves? This is a chargeable service and we offer the option for clubs to do the set-up & take-down themselves so they can save money.


  • What SU equipment is available and how do I arrange for equipment, tables, chairs etc? Equipment useage and cost is on a case by case basis. Please contact the ULSU to discuss your needs and a staff member can arrange for their procurement. please email
  • Can equipment, tables, chairs be taken off campus? No
  • Where do I get AV equipment? AV is available from IT after 4pm but it is chargeable. You may get it from the library but there is no screen. Another option is to book a room that comes with a projector & screen.


  • Do we need waivers for all club activities, even club meetings?
  • What is an event proposal? An event proposal is a required tool that will help streamline the organization of your event and to ensure all safety standards are being met by identifying any potential hazards. This is where the 5 Ws can be brought forward approved and accommodated.
  • How do I submit an event proposal? It can be submitted HERE.
  • Why do I need to submit an event proposal? Once an event proposal has been submitted it will be reviewed for approval. Once all relevant information has been received any pertinent criteria has been approved. The club will be notified that their event has been sanctioned by the ulsu and is there by protected under the Students' Union if anything adverse may occur. An event proposal can also help accomplish room bookings, work orders IT requests as well as alcohol license, gambling license and event catering.
  • What is a General Activities Waiver? It is a waiver tailored for each club indemnifying the Students’ Union and the UofL stakeholders should something occur at an event. Contact to obtain a waiver.
  • Why does the general activities waiver not cover all events? A General activity waiver only cover events considered to be of low to moderate risk. This means higher risk activities such as skiing, hiking, hunting and more will need a speak waiver tailored for such event specifically.


  • Can I have alcohol at my off-campus event? Yes, but You must follow AGLC rules, establishment rules as well as the SU policy. Food must be available. Details HERE. Do not list an individual on the license, but the clubs.  Names listed on the license are legally responsible should anything occur.
  • Can I have alcohol at my on-campus event? Yes. When providing alcohol on campus, servies must be provided by one of the approved caterers. Any event held in the SU ballrooms or other relevant space licence will be procured through the Students Union.
  • For more detail please contact the operations coordinator at


  • Can I have a casino event? Traditional casino where people gamble with money is not permitted. The only way a club could host a casino night is if all the patrons can play for free and no money exchange.
  • Can I have a silent auction event? Yes, clubs can host a silent auction and you do not need to have a rafffle license for this because patrons can make their own decisions on bidding for items.


  • Can I have food & beverages at an event? Of course! Off campus you may have food and beverages as long as they follow the health regulations set forth by the establishment and health services. I.e. proper food handling and sanitization.
  • Why are there catering rules? On campus catering must adhere to both Student JUnion and UofL policy.  The university has approved 5 caterers to cater on campus.  They are: Chatwells, Prime, La Chefs, Country Kitchen and the Students’ Union (Student Union building only.)



  • Can I bring animals on campus? Yes, animals can be brought on campus with the proper procedure and appropriate time lines being met, including the submission of an Animals On campus request. Requests must be submitted no less than one month prior to the date intended. Form can be found here: please submit to the Students’ Unions Operations Coordinator.