Fundraising Ideas

Clubs, Fraternities and Sororities are always looking for great ideas to raise funds for their events or projects. The following is a list of ideas that some have used. A lot of the ideas may need waivers and licences to move forward with. Our operations Coordinator can help you with that, at, or review the policies & proceedures on the clubs website.

  1. Car wash
  2. Raffle or bingo (you will need a license for this, talk to the ULSU General Manager)
  3. Basket raffle bingo - combines the elements of a bingo game with a raffle. The baskets that are up for grabs can be donated by members of the community or by local business. Just make sure that you have enough prizes! Charge players a standard admission fee that gives them a set number of bingo cards. If they want to buy more durng the event, sell them for an extra fee.
  4. Run/walk-a-thon or other pledge fundraising
  5. Bottle drive
  6. Talent show
  7. Dance marathon
  8. Produce and sell bumper stickers
  9. Garage sale
  10. Board game tournament
  11. Used comic book sale
  12. Bake sale
  13. Popcorn ball sale
  14. Service auction (typing, repairs, baking, sewing, tutoring, shopping, babysitting, yard work etc.)
  15. Sell chocolates, Jerkey, seeds etc. (eg: Purdys, World's Finest, Cadbury, West Coast Seeds, Vesey's, In-Dey-Go)
  16. Host a banquet
  17. Helium balloons or flower sale around special dates
  18. Paint windows for special events
  19. Host a speed dating event
  20. Host a date auction
  21. Silent auction - no auctioneer required, donors can place their bids at their own discretion on bid sheets or via mobile phones.
  22. 50/50 Raffle
  23. Golf tournament.
  24. Best seat in the house - A raffle for two great seats to a sports game, concert or another performance.
  25. Host a theme party.
  26. Scavenger hunt - charge entrance fee, winner wins a prize.
  27. Cook-Off
  28. Spare change drive - setup a table with a large container & posters etc. to let people know why you're fundraising. Supporters can give their spare change. Make your table visually inviting so people will stop at it. Be ready to answer questions if anyone inquires.
  29. Sip & paint - charge a fee for participants. You'll need to decide whether or not you will supply materials and wine or if participants will be responsible to bring their own painting supplies. 
  30. Lip Sync Competition - teams of individuals come up with a 5-10 minutes lip sync routine that features songs that everyone knows and loves. Charge teams a fee to enter the competition and sell tickets to audience members at the door. The audience can then vote on their favority act by donating a dollar or two once the routine is over.
  31. Pictures with Santa - Charge a few dollars to have people sit on Santa's knee. You can also have a Christmas themed bake sale along with it. Just make sure Santa gets his milk and cookies. Email or text them their photo.
  32. Holiday candy grams - sell candy to people who then write a message on a slip of paper attached to the candy. Then, you deliver the candy and the cheerful message to the lucky recipient.
  33. Dog walking - send out advertisements marketing your rundraising dog walking service.
  34. Gardening for green - clean up the community by asking for donations per pound of trash collected.
  35. Water balloon fight - fill hundreds of balloons with water and either charge participants an entry fee or 10 balloons for a specific price. Assign teams and a game plan, winning team receives a prize.
  36. Guessing game - You're probably familiar with the jellybeans in a jar guessing game, but you can create multiple variations of this game, like balloons in a car etc. Set a small fee per guess and the winner gets a prize.