Waivers, Drivers Agreement, Liability

Event Proposals (online form) HERE.

Driver's Agreement (online form) HERE.

If you are hosting an event with any of the following:

• alcohol
• travel &/or transportation
• fund-raising, raffles, permits, licenses, etc.
• inherently risky events
• minor participation (underage students)

You will need;

• Waivers to protect yourself, the club, the U of L and the ULSU
• Assistance with insurance and documentation
• Driver’s Agreements for off-campus events involving private/rented vehicles
• Event Proposal/Risk Assessment form

If you are unsure what to do, ask yourself;

• Is the Club insured against liability for this event?
• Am I personally protected in the event of liability?
• Is the Club partnering with responsible partners or sponsors? Do they have insurance?

Contact Tracy Merrifield

su.operations@uleth.ca, or 403-329-2017, for:

• Assistance with event planning for on campus events.
• Guidance with organizing student club fund-raising efforts.
• Driver agreements if arranging for transportation.
• Preparing for events involving alcohol on or off campus.
• Catering and Pot Luck events.
• Waiver administration.

Contact Cheri Pokarney

su.manager@uleth.ca, or 403-329-2769, for:

• Assistance with event planning for off campus events, trips or conferences.
• Guidance with obtaining a gaming license.
• Information when renting a vehicle or chartering a bus.
• Direction on advertising student events.
• Travel Risk assessment for Club events
• Travel Risk sessions for practicum, internship, co-op or exchange locally or internationally.
• First Aid & WHMIS Training.