Poster Policy

All club advertising must be approved by the Students’ Union

  1. A Students’ Union logo will be stamped in the bottom left corner indicating to the campus population that this event is sanctioned by the Students’ Union.  (Note: Campus Administration has been advised to remove any club advertising that does not have the Students’ Union logo as proof of approval).  Please bring your posters into the ULSU office to get a ULSU approval stamp.

  2. No poster may be affixed to a glass surface of any kind in accordance with the fire regulations adhered to by the University of Lethbridge.

  3. No poster may be affixed to any painted surface.

  4. No poster may block the direct view of a security camera.

  5. No poster may hang over the balcony in University Hall with excess length.

  6.  Posters hung on bulletin boards are limited to one poster per bulletin board.

  7. Postings may be situated within a University office or department, provided that Department’s Supervisor gives permission and assumes responsibility for any wall damage.

  8. Large postings may be allowed in suitable locations, on a case by case basis, providing they do not conflict with the placement of University materials for University events, or cause a hazard in set-up or to pedestrian traffic.

  9. Posters are to be removed from University campus within 48 hours after the date of event.

  10. University departments, clubs, and individuals responsible for the placement of the postings are also responsible for ensuring their removal. All items used in affixing a posting to any surface must also be removed. Damage resulting from the removal of improperly affixed postings will be repaired at the expense of the sponsor.

  11. Posters cannot promote the service or consumption of alcohol.

  12. Unless special permission from the VP Student Affairs has been granted, postings may be displayed for a maximum of up to one month.