Editing Your Profile Page

How to edit your club or Greek life profile on the Clubs & Greek Life List page

Your organization's profile page is a great way to promote and recruit members
  1. If you are a club go to the club list page HERE, if you are a Greek life organization, go to the Greek Life List HERE
  2. Click on your organizations name.
  3. Login – you will receive an email from su.studentaffairs@uleth.ca with the password. Once you are logged in, you can change the password in the last box labeled “Login Key”. If you can’t get in please send an email to su.adasst@uleth.ca and she will reset it for you.
  4. You now have full access to your club or Greek life profile page and can fill in the information boxes.
  5. Manage Files – this is where you can upload a graphic.
  6. Once you are done, click on the green button to “Update Club Information”.
  7. Upcoming Events – this is your event calendar and will show up on your club profile page as well as on the front of the ULSU’s website. Simply click on the "Add Event" button and fill in the details.