Club Funding - L.P.I.R.G.

Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group (L.P.I.R.G.) is a student-funded, student-directed, not-for-profit organization providing resources for students and community members to engage in environmental and social justice issues. LPIRG assists students in translating their knowledge through research, education, and action to serve public interest.  

LPIRG receives $5 from each U of L undergraduate student in the Fall and Spring semesters. LPIRG uses this money to fund student research, events and projects demonstrated to be in the public interest, as well as providing additional administration, organization and information resources to empower students to become engaged citizens.


Funding is available to clubs or individuals who have events or on-going projects that are in the public interest. There are two types of funding for which a club can apply. To access the funding application form, go to or stop by the LPIRG office at SU242.

Event/Project Grant

Apply for this grant if your club is planning a project or event that is in the public interest and meets three or more of the following criteria: 

  1. Demonstrating a focus on social and environmental justice and other issues in the public interest (i.e., increasing the public standard of living).
  2. Contributing to increasing public knowledge and education on researched issues.
  3. Demonstrating long-term benefits for the public, not only short-term gains.
  4. Benefiting the U of L undergraduate community and/or greater community (the U of L community, city, province, country, globe, etc.).
  5. Enriching of the applicant(s) post-secondary education through skill building and engagement with issues of public concern. 
  6. Illustrating a desire and/or opportunity to contribute to building a stronger, closer, and more engaged community. 

Working Group Grant

Working Groups are collectives of students who work together on a public interest issue. Groups may focus on research, events, actions, publications, or other activities. They have long-term goals and their activities are intended to continue beyond the current academic year.
LPIRG provides funding, administrative, and organizational support to Working Groups.

Resources are made available, such as LPIRG office space (meeting, file, and storage space), library resources, web space, LPIRG staff and volunteer support and list-serve and action network.                                

Working Groups are expected to have on-going, regular communication with the LPIRG Board of Directors, supply a year-end report and have representation at the LPIRG Annual General Meeting in April of each year.


LPIRG has a growing resource library of alternative books (over 200 titles), films, student research, and magazines. These resources are available for students to sign out for a two-week period.


Each year LPIRG offers workshops to clubs and to the general student body on issues such as events organizing, media relations, consensus decision-making, group facilitation, and community-based research. Clubs will receive a letter or email informing them of upcoming workshops at the beginning of each semester. 

For more information or other types of LPIRG funding, go to or visit the LPIRG office at SU242.