Events & Cabarets

Download the Club Events Policy HERE


ALL on-campus and off-campus club events are subject to the approval of the VP Student Affairs. Using this as a guideline, ensure all of the necessary details are submitted via an Event Proposal well in advance of the event.


ALL CABARETS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE ULSU EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. For proper approvals to be arranged, the following timelines MUST be honoured: for large clubs with a history of hosting cabarets, a minimum of 1 month is required to approve and plan a cabaret. For small clubs, or groups of clubs with no history of hosting cabarets, a minimum of 2 months is required to approve and plan a cabaret. This is so clubs can have ample time to secure financial means and any other aspects that might not be readily available to smaller clubs.

A. Event Booking:
Come to the Students’ Union office (SU180) and speak with either the Operations Coordinator. They will review your event in detail and make arrangements for submission to the Executive Council for approval - or advise on how to prepare an Event Proposal.

B. Event Dates:
Clubs need to request dates very far in advance. SUB Ballrooms are available to all Clubs and U of L Departments, as well as the ULSU itself. The Students’ Union will consider dates on the basis of many considerations...not just “first come/first served”. The history and resources of the Club will be a major deciding factor.

C. Deposit:
When hosting a cabaret, a deposit of $200 is required to book your event.

The deposit will be refunded after the date of the cabaret as long as no damages or losses are incurred by the Students’ Union. There will be no refund for an event which is cancelled less than 2 weeks from the event date.

D. Event Proposal:
The deposit must accompany a written event proposal that contains a summary of the event and a detailed budget. The event proposal must be submitted Here).

E. Event Contract:
A Contract between the club hosting a cabaret and the ULSU will be drawn up, and negotiated with the USLU Operations Coordinator. However, this is contingent upon an approved event proposal. This is intended to establish responsibilities for specific aspects of the event. It will also outline any financial arrangements between the Club and the Students’ Union.

F. Costs:
Clubs are responsible for all costs of the cabaret including production, advertising, damage(s) and wages arising from the cabaret.

G. ULSU May Cancel the Event:
ULSU Reserves the right to cancel any event, especially if 50% of expected ticket sales are not sold within 48 hours of the event.

H. Bar Sales:
The Students’ Union is required to provide services. If bar sales do not cover the agreed upon minimum sales, clubs will be required to pay for staffing costs. **

** This amount is arrived at considering the bare minimum of time and expense which the ULSU and the U of L
engage in to arrange for: i) additional staffing; ii) liquor permits; iii) set-up and take-down; iv) insurance clearances;
v) special food and alcohol orders associated with the event. (If anything, this amount does not represent more than half of what the Students’ Union and U of L invest in the planning of a cabaret event.)