Campus Collective Centre


"The Campus Collective Centre (CCC) is a student led safe space located on campus that works to offer resources and support. We are passionate about advocating and working to create change while also supporting our campus community as well as the community of Lethbridge as a whole. We work to foster an environment wherein individuals may seek empowerment, guidance, and resources while feeling recognized and validated. We recognize the ways in which racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, and religious discrimination operate not only in society but on our campus as well. At the CCC we are dedicated to changing this narrative by actively advocating against these structures of power and oppression. Our space, therefore, is a space that does not tolerate any form of

With our sexual health and menstrual resources, as well as our peer support program and our community engagement events each semester, we work to offer as many opportunities for a thriving student experience. The CCC is for the students and by the students, and we are constantly working to ensure necessary resources are available for all students.

The CCC also believes in the culture of calling people in to educational conversations, rather than a call out culture. We strongly believe in the power of lived experiences as well as the nature of grassroots social movement and informed critical perspectives. As such the CCC is dedicated to ensuring we utilize our position as a student group on campus and our social platform to advocate for human rights and equality.”

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