Tunnel Painting

What is Tunnel Painting and Where is the Tunnel?

The Tunnel connects the 1st level of the Sports & Rec building to the Arts building. All ratified clubs are welcomed to submit a proposal to paint a mural on the wall of the tunnel advertising their club.

Download the tunnel painting form HERE

Download detailed tunnel painting infomation HERE

Tunnel Painting Proposal

  • A written proposal, together with a basic graphic illustration, must be submitted to the VP Student Affairs at least four weeks before the proposed commencement day of the project. It must contain: colour specifications (maximum of 4 colours/design); specific area of tunnel for proposed painting; the name and contact information for the Club and the individuals involved in the project.

  • For approval, it is important that the design:
    • be unique, dynamic and expressive of the Club’s mandate and/or spirit.
    • not be offensive to any individual or minority group.
    • contain no graffiti or obscene drawings.
    • consider the technical and artistic skill of the proposed Club painters.
    • confine itself to wall spaces only, no floors or ceilings.
    • contain no advertising or copyrighted material (except with express written permission of the copyright holder).

  • Upon approval, Clubs must sign a Painting Agreement Form which outlines their responsibilities for the completion of a quality project. This may also include conditions set by U of L Occupational Health policies as they are established and amended from time-to-time.

  • The Tunnel Mural Painting Procedures & Application Form should be completely filled out and submitted to the VP Student Affairs for approval.  The proposal will go to the Students’ Union Council and Campus Development for review.  After the proposal has been reviewed and approved, paint and the other materials will be ordered.  You may pick a form up at SU180 or download it off of our website in the Club section under forms and downloads.

  • Before purchasing your paint supplies, clubs may check with the ULSU to see if there are any left-over paint and brushes from other projects.