Raffles & Lotteries

Raffles and Lotteries

The Students' Union is authorized by University Administration and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Control (AGLC) to issue raffle licenses to student clubs and other campus organizations. Clubs will need to contact Cheri Pokarney, the Students' Union General Manager at su.manager@uleth.ca or 403-329-2769 to schedule an appointment.

Requirements to receive a Raffle License

  • The request must be made no later than two weeks in advance.
  • The date and location of the event where you will be making the draw.
  • You will need to decipher if it is a 50/50 draw or a prize draw.
  • If it's a prize draw, we will need an itemized list of prizes and an estimate of the retail value of each item
  • How much are the raffle tickets  going to cost?
  • What color are the raffle tickets?
  • If you have multiple price points such as: 1 for $3.00, 2 for $5.00, you will need to have a different color of raffle ticket for each price point.
  • What will your club be doing with the monies raised from the raffle? 

We will need all of the above information to issue the raffle license. Once you have completed your event and the raffle is over, you will need to send in the number of tickets your club sold to the General Manager, because she will need to send a raffle recap to AGLC within 30 days. Failure of the club to send the necessary information to the General Manager in a timely fashion will result in the loss of raffle license privileges for future club events.

Please schedule a meeting with the General Manager and she will be happy to answer your questions and assist you with the process.