Alcohol Policy

Alcohol & Accountability

It is the responsibility of organizations hosting events to ensure safety where alcohol is present. Ratified Clubs must accept a higher “duty of care” when alcohol is sanctioned as part of an event - as does the Students’ Union.  If alcohol consumption cannot be monitored and controlled by the Students’ Union, then the ULSU has the right to not sanction the event or the hosting Club. If a club has events where there is a likelihood of off campus alcohol consumption, please contact the ULSU Operations Coordinator prior to the event. (, room SU180).

The ULSU’s liability insurance covers ULSU sanctioned events that take place both on and off campus. The Students’ Union cannot be held accountable for non-sanctioned events or negligent activities off-campus undertaken by a ratified Club. Clubs should obtain private insurance for some kinds of activities which occur outside of the Students’ Union Building. Club Executive and Club event organizers are responsible to know the University of Lethbridge Alcohol Policy as outlined below. 

NOTE:  If your club is considering an off-campus event, Club Executive or event organizers must consult the Operations Coordinator prior to the event. Significant risk of liability is borne by all Club Executive for off-campus activities of any nature - especially involving alcohol.

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