Centralized Club Banking



Upon ratification, stop by the ULSU office after 5 days to pick up your ratification approval letter so you can take it with you to the bank. 


Once ratified, a new club is required to set up a BMO bank account. Clubs that have an existing BMO account must ensure that incoming club executives bring documentation obtained from the VP Student Affairs to BMO annually, to update signing authority.

The ULSU has background signing authority to all club accounts. This means that the bank requires two club executives or any two ULSU signing authorities to carry out a transaction. Please note that the ULSU will only intervene under extreme circumstances of violation on the clubs’ part or if a club was abandoned leaving an open account, or to pass along the account information to the incoming club executives.

The Bank

The ULSU has chosen the BMO as the central bank for use in this system. Branch details are as follows:

                  606 4th Ave South, Lethbridge, AB   T1J 0N7
                  Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday: 9:30am-4:30pm, Friday: 9:30am-5pm
                  Main Contact: Brad Mcintosh, email: BRAD.MCINTOSH@bmo.com PH:403-388-4926. 

What Clubs need to take with them to the BMO

  • A letter from the ULSU confirming that you are a ratified club in good standing and further allowing the ULSU to have background signing authority. This letter must have two ULSU signatures of either the VP Operations & Finance, the General Manager or the President.
  • The banking form completed with two signatures of the outgoing and incoming club executives who have signing authority.
  • Each club must also supply the bank with their completed club banking form. 

Solution & Benefits to Centralized Banking

The ULSU has moved to a centralized club banking structure to address the above issues, where all clubs are required to set their club account with the same bank (BMO). 

Club Community accounts for 20 transactions or less per month:

  • There are no bank fees.
  • No minimum balance.
  • Free cheques.
  • Paper statements ever quarter.
All other accounts for those with projected transactions of more than 20/month, would be set up at BMO on a one-by-one basis.

Centralized banking creates a hassle-free system for clubs and the ULSU:
  • If outgoing executives forget to sign over the account information to the incoming executive, then the ULSU can step in and provide the necessary information so you can access your funds. This happens every year.
  • Solid security measures are in place. The VP Student Affairs will know who the Club Executives are at the beginning of each year as part of the ratification process and will not give your confidential information away to a random person.
  • Ensures that clubs who have disbanded or broken apart leaving ULSU monies in the bank, allows the ULSU to access these funds to be used for club funding for existing clubs. 

NOTE:  If it has come to the attention of the VP Student Affairs that a club is not being responsible with the funding provided by the ULSU and are in violation of ULSU policy, bylaws or insurance regulations, then the ULSU could step in and place a freeze on the account.  If this were to happen, a meeting would be set up with the club in question to inform them of the happenings, and allow the club to explain their actions especially if it was a misconception.  If the club was found in violation, ULSU monies would be seized and the club would be de-ratified.  These measures would be put in place to provide a backup system for students who trust that their fees are being handled in a responsible and accountable manner.  This is a benefit to the club members and also to the students-at-large who pay their ULSU fees, which is ultimately where the club funding originates.

Opt-out Process

There is an opt-out process for those clubs that have an established record of outstanding financial accountability and compliance, and might be tied to University departments.  These clubs already have built in checks-and-balances in place. To opt-out, clubs are required to present their case at a meeting of the General Assembly. The responsibility is placed on the individual club to present their proven track record and external checks and balances sufficient enough that they do not need to be a part of the ULSU Centralized Club Banking Structure. Once the General Assembly has made their decision, that decision will be final and the club will be expected to comply with the outcome.

A club will be considered opted out on a continual basis unless a change in affiliation has occurred.