Club Rooms

Level 0 of the ULSU Building

Due to limited space available in the Students’ Union, only these rooms are available for Club use on a continual basis. Access and use of these rooms are subject to ULSU and University Policy, and will be based on the following:

  1. Clubs affiliated with a Faculty must have confirmation from the Dean that no space is available for the operation of the club.

  2. Each room is allotted annually to Clubs. Clubs must present a written application prior to the September Clubs Council meeting. Upon approved application, a Club will have use of the room from September 1st to April 30th of that academic year.

  3. The application must include a letter of intent and a $75.00 damage deposit, which will be refunded if the applicant Club is unsuccessful.

  4. Any costs for telephone, internet service, maintenance, etc. will be the responsibility of the club occupying the Club room.

  5. Club rooms are allocated by the approval of Clubs Council.

All-purpose Club Room – Level 0 of the ULSU Building

The All-purpose Club Room is available for occasional/temporary use by all clubs and must be booked through the Students’ Union Office. As with any multi-user space, this room is not to be used for storage and must be left in a presentable fashion.