Club Council Meetings

Club Council

Club Council is made up of one executive member from each club, the ULSU VP Student Affairs and a minute taker, when necessary. Attendance at Club Council meetings are mandatory.  In the event that an executive member cannot attend, a delegate member from the club may attend in their place.  If no member of the club is able to attend, a club is required to give notice of the absence to the ULSU VP Student Affairs ( 48 hours prior to the meeting that they will be absent for.

Club Council Training Program

Club Council has undergone a facelift for the 2019-2020 school year! Taking the place of monthly Club Council meetings is our new "Club Training" program. Clubs are expected to attend this once a month where we will go over various topics that pertain to club and student life. Sessions will typically take an hour and will follow the belief that the ULSU will make all attempts to make the club experience valuable to students.