Clubs List

Ratified Clubs 2019-2020

African Caribbean Student Association

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PresidentRuth Yeboah

a network in which African-Carribean culture is educated to the public and a community created where members can collaborate and interact

Agricultural Students' Society

PresidentSydelle Zukowski




The Agricultural Students' Society shall: organize activities, field trips and other excursions for the club members and invited guests and act as a liaison between industry, the public, and students t...

Art Marvel

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PresidentAbdul-Aziz Sani




An establishment with an artistic development plan that offers mentoring services on an ever-expanding plethora of multilevel art aspects. Services offered: Talent Mentoring, Event Organizing, Artist ...

Archaeology Club

PresidentHolly Dalton

The archaeology club welcomes everyone that is interested in archaeology, making friends, going on adventures, and shares an enthusiasm for learning about the past. Members will have an opportunity to...

Audio Engineering Society

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PresidentCarter Potts

We are a group of audiophiles and nerds, who love anything to do with sound. Whether it's music, video games, or films, we want to produce it and make it sound amazing! If you are somebody who loves re...

Calgary Management Student Society

PresidentJoe Babey

To establish and promote services on campus for students, which we'll assist the learning experience of students perusing Bachelor management degrees or a master of science (management) in the faculty ...

Campus Roots Community Garden

PresidentJanine Nixon

The Campus Roots Community Garden Association is a community garden located on the south end of the U of L campus. The garden is open to students and community members, and has 42 raised-bed plots wit...

Circle K International

PresidentValerie Rusu

Circle K International is an international collegiate service organization that is a service leadership program of Kiwanis International. It promotes service, leadership and fellowship.

Humans of ULeth

PresidentRichard Lee-Thai

International Students Association (ISA)

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PresidentSandhya Sunuwar, Sherry Lu



International Students' Association is a club dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion on campus and also to provide international students and domestic students opportunities such as social acti...

Itty Bitty Bellydance

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PresidentHannah Stonjeck

@Itty Bitty Bellydance


A belly dance club for all levels of experience! Come learn new moves and socialize with others who are learning along with you! We are a supportive and safe environment focused on our members as well...

Management Students Society (MSS)

PresidentTravis Slomp

The Management Students' Society (MSS) is dedicated to enhancing the value of the management students degree.

Martial Arts Club

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PresidentRourke Harding

Training in self defence and martial Arts

Medieval Club

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PresidentTyler Anderson

Members strive to master and teach skills such as needle and fibre arts, metal and leather working, culinary arts and brewing, and music and dance. Together we rebuild small fragments of the medieval...

Music Undergraduate Society

PresidentRichard Lee-Thai

The Music Undergraduate Society represents the needs of the Department of Music student body while providing academic, professional, and community events and services that support student success and ...

Musical Theatre Society (MTS)

PresidentHannah Sawatzky

Musical Theatre Society is a place for people who love musicals! We put a lot of focus into skill building, and have several performance opportunities throughout the year. We also have social events w...

Neuroscience Club

PresidentKalob Barr

To enhance and inspire new & current students at the U of L, who are interested in neuroscience, with resesarch, volunteer and study opportunities while creating an exciting social-peer environment.

Nursing Student Association

PresidentDana Jackson

Club to support and enhance the nursing student experience

Object Manipulation Club (OMC)

PresidentBrady Isfeld

A club for teaching, practising, and demonstrating flow arts (poi, staff, etc.)

Operation Smile Club

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PresidentArashk Ghasroddashti

The Operation Smile Club at the University of Lethbridge is formally associated with Operation Smile Canada and is primarily focused upon raising funds and spreading awareness for children suffering f...

Organization of Residence Students (ORS)

PresidentParker Bijl

The Organization of Residence Students aims to provide convenient living accommodations together with services and programs from which students may secure special educational and social and cultural a...

PACT (Philanthropy,Advancement, Community & Tradition)

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PresidentKierian Turner

The PACT’s goal is to support engagement, philanthropy and pride building within the University of Lethbridge. Along with advisors from University Advancement, the club will strive to create more en...

Power to Change (P2C)

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PresidentKathleen Lopez



"We hope to help students discover and know Jesus and His power to change."

Pre-Med Club

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PresidentChad Beck/Ashley Slingerland

The Pre-Med Club aims to help prepare students for a variety of medical professional schools - in particular medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and optometry - admissions process (MCAT/DAT/OAT, a...

Quarter Heart

Accepting new membersClick here to inquire about joining

PresidentDylan Lawton


Charity Event Club dedicated to hosting events that benefit the greater good. To any of those interested in joining our club feel free to like our Facebook page and/or shoot us an email to be apart...

Smash Club

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PresidentCody Gisi

We are a club of people who enjoy the Super Smash Brothers series. We play all games in the series and hold small tournaments for each other to compete in and see who is the best in Lethbridge.

Synthetic Biology Club

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PresidentLuke Saville

The synthetic biology club works to raise awareness of the benefits of the newly emerging field. In addition our members participate with the U of L iGEM team to ensure its continued success on the in...

Table-Top Roleplaying and Players Society

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PresidentBallto Kenney

A club for people to play all type of Table-top RPGs. Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, X-Crawl, we play them all!

Trolls Rugby Club

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PresidentKathleen Mah

We are a rugby club that has a men's and women's team that play games in the fall semester and hold many social events throughout the year.

Vocal Harmony Singers Club

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PresidentHope Wauters

Vocal Harmony Singers is a student run choir club. We rehearse weekly to prepare songs to perform at our semesterly showcases. We have fun singing songs from a variety of genres including pop, jazz an...

ULeth Swing

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ULeth Swing exists to create a safe and comfortable environment in which to engage students and community members in learning and practicing swing dancing.

World University Service of Canada (WUSC)

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PresidentTaylor Myndio/Kyra Nicolacopoulos

WUSC U of L Local Committee, which runs the Student Refugee Program, is a club whose members share a belief in the power of education around the world. The WUSC Club will promote global understanding ...

Yoga Club

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PresidentKera Whitten

We hope to create a community within/for the university that focuses on the betterment of mental, physical, and spiritual health. Each meeting or event is focused, in some way, on this goal; whether it...

Ratified Club 2018-2019

Accounting Club

PresidentSally Turner

ULAC aims to promote the accounting profession within the student body and provide an environment where students of the same interest (accounting) can meet other students whey may someday work with in...

An$ Entrepreneurship Club

PresidentOlalere Adepoju

Our goal is to give you the necessary skill set you need to be an entrepreneur, by giving you the right materials and leading you down the right path, you will be able to bloom as an entrepreneur.

Anthro-Soci Club

PresidentChelsea Wittig

Anthro-Soci provides an atmosphere hwere members can meet and have access to resources pertaining to both Anthropology and Sociology

Art Society

PresidentEmily Metherel

The U of L Student Art Society aims to meet three goals: to build relationships between students early in their degree and students late in their degree, to provide resources and opportunities to stud...

Association of Politcal Science Students

PresidentSarah Dalby

We are a club for political science students and students interested in politics. We strive to supplement in classroom learning with academic events like panel discussions and an undergraduate researc...

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

PresidentLevi Williams-Whitney

The mission of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA) is to ensure North America's outdoor heritage of hunting and fishing in a natural setting, though education and work on behalf of wild public lands an...

Bio Club

PresidentBrianna Lee/Sami-Shae Smuk

The Bio Club is community of staff and students with a passion for biology in all its forms. Through collaboration, academic, and social events, the club is commited to enhancing your experience at th...

Board, Ski, & Surf Club

PresidentJacob Palardy

The board, ski, and surf club unites individuals interested in fun activities such as skiing, snowboarding, longboarding, surfing, and slacklining. We plan trips and host events as well as connect lik...

Cancer Awareness Club

PresidentSuzanne Stables

We will be holding fundraisers to raise money to help put on Relay for Life at the school.

Catholic Young Adults

PresidentChristian Carino

University Catholic Young Adults (UCYA) provides a faith-based community for the students, staff and alumni of the University of Lethbridge. We host a range of spiritual activities and social events.

Cauldron Club


We seek to promote the acceptance and proliferation of alternative faiths while supporting environmental effects in the community. Our members look to grow with others by sharing and celebrating alter...

Calgary Campus Finance Club

PresidentGareth Jones

Initiate and maintain fellowship between U of L students and those students who are interested in the field of Finance. The club will create and maintain communication channels with the faculty, the c...

Campus Conservatives

PresidentEmily Gilroy

The objectives of the association shall be: supporting and promoting the principles of the Conservative Party in a left-wing campus, provide campaign training, encouraging the participation and recrui...

Chemistry & Biochemistry Club

PresidentDakota Leenstra


A social club tailored towards chemistry and biochemistry majors looking for networking opportunities with like-minded individuals.

Chess Club

PresidentKeith Charland

We play chess.

Climbing Club

PresidentCharlotte Hardy

The U of L Climbing Club is committed to building community through events and promoting the sport of climbing in a safe, accepting and fun environment. We host events at the Ascent Climbing Centre an...

Coulee Kids' Theatre

PresidentKaitlyn Olfert

Coulee Kids' Theatre is the University of Lethbridge's TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) Club! We create theatrical experiences for kids, for education and for fun!

Dance Team

PresidentMicaela Buenafe


The U of L Dance Team is a competitive sports team ratified by the Students' Union and the Horns Sports and Recreation. We perform at basketball home games, community events and compete in various chee...

Enactus University of Lethbridge

Accepting new membersClick here to inquire about joining

PresidentThomas Richardson




Enactus University of Lethbridge aims to utilize conscious capitalism to shape generations of entrepreneurial leaders, passionate about advancing the economic, social, and environmental health of soci...

Education Undergraduate Society

Accepting new membersClick here to inquire about joining

PresidentStephanie Croft



Student Local for the Alberta Teachers Association (ATA). The Education Undergraduate Society is comprised of Education Students and hopfuls alike. We offer a variety of social and professional develo...

English Students' Society

Accepting new membersClick here to inquire about joining

PresidentNicole Perl



The English Student's Society welcomes majors and non-majors alike to express their appreciation of literature at our events (which include and are not limited to) Poetry Nights, The Student Speaker Se...

Finance Club at the University of Lethbridge

PresidentCasey Van Maanen

The Finance Club at the University of Lethbridge was created by and for students striving to obtain a better understanding of finance and its personal and professional application. It offers opportuni...

Freedom House Club

PresidentOluseyi Dada

To share the gosple of our lord Jesus Christ with everybody. Heb 12-14

Freedom Writers Poetry Club

PresidentAlexis Kelly

The Freedom Writers Poetry Club is a poetry club on-campus which seeks to creat an inclusive and supportive environment for the creation, critiquing and sharing of poetry regardless of experience/skill...

French Club

Accepting new membersClick here to inquire about joining

PresidentLoryn Plante

The French Club welcomes anyone with an interest in French language and culture. Speakers of all levels are encouraged to join us for social events, conversation hours, and club meetings.


Accepting new membersClick here to inquire about joining

PresidentMike Halfacre


A club centered around the celebration of geek culture. Board games to anime to everything in between.

Geography Club

PresidentKyla Rushton

A ratified club at the U of L with members of all programs and majors. We organize regular trips to explore the exciting geography of the area, host academic and social events, and connect people with...

Global Drums

PresidentTaylor Murphy

Global drums is comprised of community members and university students who share a passion and interest for wolrd percussion. Thegroup actively performs music from around the owrld including steel ban...

Headbangers' Society

PresidentJade Cooley

We promote local bands and Canadian music by hosting and bringing awareness to shows around Lethbridge and Calgary

Headwinds Cycling University of Lethbridge Chapter

PresidentRichard Camacho

To promote cycling activities, maintenance routines by community involvement, competitions, recreational cycling & University support via student programs.

Helping Paws

PresidentJessie Notley

Helping Paws dedicates their time to finding volunteers for the Lace Chance Cat Ranch Society, a local no-kill cat rescue. We also fundraise to help with vet bills and encourage adoptions and fosters.

Historical Undergrad Society

PresidentBilly Hurtubise

THUGS is a social and academci club that offers those who are interested in history and an opportunity to connect with and learn from likeminded students, get to know professors, and make friends!

Human Resource Management Club

Accepting new membersClick here to inquire about joining

PresidentSamantha Tams

To enhance the student experience and create additional value through educational and social opportunities for HR and potential HR students.

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

PresidentConnor Bulloch

IVCF is a non-denominational Christian Club that does weekly events like bible studies, prayer, and monthly group events.

Ismaili Student Association

PresidentAlisha Merchant

This club has been set up to represent the Lethbridge Ismaili Community. Lethbridge's Ismaili Community as a whole has been growing over the past couple of years and we would like to be represented, as...

Kinesiology & Physical Education Society

PresidentRebecca Depasquale

A club that helps students make connections & gain experience by being a member. Our club plans to host events and activities as well as build a team of students to attend the annual KINgames, a natio...

Lethbridge Lifesavers

PresidentKate Potts

A student based group that promotes blood donation through peer to peer based events

Lethbridge Students for Life

PresidentCaleb Van Der Weide

Let's Get Mental

PresidentBailey Charrois

Let's Get Mental will focus on improving the mental wellness of university students, staff and alumni by providing a community of knowledge, physical activity, socialization and mindfulness.

Mixed Curling Club

PresidentKelsey Harkness

A group of senior and beginner curlers who get together once a week to curl and have a great time.

Model United Nations

Accepting new membersClick here to inquire about joining

PresidentAllayna Ramp


The Model United Nations Club aims to develop debating abilities of our members though simulation of the diplomatic relations of the United Nations. The Club aims to attend at least one international ...

Muslim Student's Association (MSA)

PresidentHujahid Idris

A club to represent islam on campus and also a community for muslim and non-muslim to grasp knowledge of islam.

Native American Student Association

PresidentCherilynn Blood

Native American Students Association is the oldest club on campus, which focuses on supporting non-indigenous and indigenous students alike, to celebrate our cultures and foster greater understanding ...

New Media Students' Society

PresidentDuncan Alimchandani

A club focused on encouraging creativity and a community around creators.

Organization of Economic Students

PresidentAndrew Gammack

The organization of Economic Students is a club designed to help those unsure with the field of economics learn more, and provide those with a love for economics a place to discuss and further their u...

Physics & Astronomy Club

Accepting new membersClick here to inquire about joining

PresidentTony Huber


A group for physics-loving students designed to enhance & broaden learning and to explore research & industrial applications of physics.

PRIDE Centre

PresidentFae Darie

The PRIDE Centre provides for persons on campus - regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity - a positive platform to promote safety, personal growth, respect, and pride for the Queer c...

Psychology Club

PresidentSarah Jones

The U of L Psychology Club is a student run organization which promotes the scholarly pursuit of knowledge within the field of psychology, while bringing together like-minded individuals to a safe pla...

Public Health Students' Association

PresidentReilly Parkinson

The purpose of this organization will be threefold: A. To promote public health awareness on the University of Lethbridge campus; B. To encourage collaboration and camaraderie between student members,...

Rotaract Club

Accepting new membersClick here to inquire about joining

PresidentAnna Smit



The Rotaract motto is "Fellowship through service" and that's exactly what we do! Our club believes that helping others is a great way to meet new friends so many of our activities involve volunteering a...

Salam Dabka Dance Group (SDDG)

PresidentDeema Abushaban

The SDDG provides an opportunity for an increase in Middle-Eastern Cultural awareness through dance. It is also an opportunity for cross-cultural interactions. Dabka is a Middle-Eastern folk dance whi...

Social Work Students Association

PresidentHollie Proulx

SWSA - is for fundraising for local charities & event planning for the Southern Alberta Region of Social Work Students.

Spartan Club

PresidentClay Powelson

The Reebok Spartan race is a worldwide obstacle race founded to get people off the couch and more motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. The Uleth Spartan Club will provide a support group for individ...

Students Accounting Association (SAA)

PresidentNasar Khan

Promoting the accounting profession within the student population. Participating and hosting university events which tend to connect U of L (Calgary Campus) students with industry professionals and in...

The ARRTI Undergraduate Club

PresidentKeara Cheredaryk

The Purpose of the ARRTI Undergraduate Group is to create an environment that encourages and supports undergraduate students interested in research especially in RNA related fields.

The Courtyard

PresidentDaniel Perryman

The Courtyard will foster a safe environment for all; beginners, and experienced; students, and members of the community of Lethbridge alike. Ultimately, The Courtyard is compelled to celebrate dance ...

Theatre Arts Society

PresidentChloe Payton


Theature Arts Society is a club on campus aiming to support theatre students and celebrate their work. We work with other drama clubs and host hecking good variety shows.

ULeth New Democrats

PresidentLiam Devitt

To connect New Democrats across campus in order to advocate for the principles and platform of the federal and provincial New Democrats Party.

Uleth Photography Club

PresidentJeremy Wu

The ULeth Photography Club will contain a learning experience for photographers and models. The club will teach basic and advanced photography as well as modeling techniques.

United Conservatives at the U of L

PresidentLogan Skretting

This group will promote and engage broad conservative principles at the University of Lethbridge. We hope to promote and facilitate political engagement within the student body.

University of Lethbridge Gutsy Club

PresidentHjordis Hentschel

Our goal is to unite the IBD and IBS community at the U of L and in Lethbridge to raise awareness and fundraise for research. We have monthly events to provide a supportive environment and fundraise f...

University of Lethbridge Lifting Club (ULLC)

PresidentSarah Cowley

To promote the overall knowledge of lifting and help the growth of all who wish to pursue it, whether beginner or expert and meet like minded people.

The Unscripted Theatre Society (TUTS)

PresidentGinger Wallis

TUTS meets weekly to teach and develop improv skills while keeping the focus on fun

Wind Orchestra Club

PresidentEileen Humble

The Wind Orchestra is a group that meets twice a week to rehearse pieces that are performed at the end of the semester and at the U of L Convocation.

Young Artist Collective

PresidentMartin Suarez

The Young Artists Collective (YAC) provides workshop + Showcase opportunities to artists at the University and surrounding communities. We welcome all genres and crafts to join us!