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Liability Reminder

Please talk to the Students' Union Operations Coordinator regarding liabilities and insurance for off campus events.  For Liability reasons, The Students' Union does not  sanction Pub Crawls or any off campus events of that nature, therefore any  type of advertisements for those events on this calendar are prohibited.

Please submit your group event by clicking on the "group event submission" button to the left of this page, and then logging in. If you do not know the password, please contact the ULSU VP Student Affairs at 403-329-5155 or

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! [Ufology Group]Starts Ends
F Cancer LethbridgeStarts
F Cancer Lethbridge Ends
The Roswell Incident [Ufology Group]Starts Ends
The Nuclear Connection [Ufology Group]Starts Ends
NASA'a Unexplained Files [Ufology Group]Starts Ends
Spring Stargazing Event [Ufology Group]Starts Ends
Meet the Psychology Professor 2.0Starts Ends
Contact Part 1 [Ufology Group]Starts Ends