The Students' Union plays a big role in the development of a well balanced campus life-style for the students at the U of L.  Clubs, Fraternities and Sororities are an essential part of the community atmosphere and they provide opportunities for further involvement with your studies, meeting new people on campus, and having fun.


Club membership is open to all full-time and part-time students attending the University of Lethbridge, all professors, staff and the community. 


If you are interested in starting a new club on campus please download the Club Handbook. There is a section that details it quite well. If you are still unsure about things you may stop by the Students' Union office (SU180) for a visit with the Vice President Student Affairs. The VP Student Affairs can help you deal with club related questions and concerns, and will be a valuable resource for you as your club begins to grow and become more active.  You may contact the VP Student Affairs at or phone 403-329-5155.


The Students' Union Ballrooms and Galileo's are available for all ratified Clubs to book at no cost to the club. If you plan on having an event and would like to use the Students' Union services in any way please contact our Operations Coordinator at   There are many aspects to planning an event and we are happy to direct or assist you with the initial part of your planning proces as well as review liabilities and policies.


The Club Handbook is also a valuable resource which includes: Creating a Club, Secrets of Success, Club Funding, Meetings, Alcohol Policy, Club Rooms, and Forms.

You may download a club handbook by clicking HERE.


  • May book the Atrium &/or a table on the 2nd level of The Students' Union building at no cost.
  • Be involved in Club events.
  • Interact with other clubs on campus through activities and meetings.
  • May qualify for a Start-up &/or Club Grant.
  • Fundraising opportunities.
  • Booking of the SU Ballroom, Club room and SU Council Chambers free.
  • Input into Students' Union affairs through Clubs Council.
  • Club exposure through pamphlets, SU website, and the Students' Union
    Handbook etc.
  • Club exposure and a good time through Rush Week.

For more information contact the VP Student Affairs at The Students' Union office,
Phone: (403) 329-5155 or email