Club Rush Week Sept 2019

Club Rush Week - September 2019

Club Rush week has been a place for great discovery and new communities being built amongst students new and old. Over those years, the amount of clubs have steadily grown causing the old way of doing things to longer work as effectively as they used to. One of those things being Club Rush Week.  Many things will stay the same. However, the process will be changed. 

What does my club need to do differently?

Submit your ratification: To be eligible for Fall Rush 2019. We strongly suggest you submit your ratification form well before the school year.  This is to allow the VPSA and Clubs Coordinator time to approve the ratification, see which days you'd like to rush. And to commence the table lottery.

**What if my club relies on Club Rush to Ratify***

Several Clubs utilize club Rush Week to bring forward names for ratification. If you're a club in that situation. Please contact our VPSA Ryan Munn at intending that you wish to participate in Club Rush Week.

Get confirmation: On September 1st, 2019. You will receive an email regarding which days your club will be at club rush for. While this allows eight days to figure out your plan. We strongly encourage you to plan your rush events ahead of time to allow for maximum flexibility.

Show up: This is where things become similar once again. The official Club Rush times start at 7:30 AM and go until 4:30 PM. The ULSU will have a table set up shortly beforehand to allow any club questions regarding set up.

I'm a new club! How do I get involved?    

Great! Awesome! Glad to have you aboard! Like other clubs, you will need signatures from other students; to get ratified. Please contact our VPSA Ryan Munn at to get in on all the fun!

What to Expect during the day of Club Rush?

Feel free to start setting up at 7:30 AM during your scheduled day. The ULSU table will be set up just before then to help assist clubs with their tables.

Why is the ULSU moving to this format?

The UHall atrium currently holds capacity for roughly 48 tables over the course of club rush week. And with over 100+ clubs on campus. The old "First come First Serve" approach has proven to be ineffective and at times, difficult to manage and dictate who goes where. With this new approach, Clubs are given the autonomy as to which dates they want to rush. While the SU will provide logistical support regarding which days a particular club will recruit. 

When is the deadline to notify the VPSA to be eligible for Club Rush?

If you're ratified, you've given the VPSA and Clubs Coordinator your notification that you're interested in Club Rush. If not, you will have until August 26th at 5:00 PM to notify the VPSA that you intend on participating in Club Rush.

I missed the date. What are my options?

We will be reserving five tables in the UHall Atrium for clubs that are in that situation. These will be first come first serve for any organization that would like to participate 

Additionally, the Students' Union Ballrooms will be set up for a "Clubs Overflow" for days where a club is not scheduled. These tables will also be first come first serve. 

Club Rush in the Ballrooms?

As we are currently trying new things to ensure that all clubs are active during the week, we are opening up the SU Ballrooms (In the Student Union Building) as a "Club Overflow" room. The dates are as follows
  • Monday September 9th from 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Tuesday September 10th from 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Thursday September 12th from 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM 
Posters and Signs will direct students to both the SU Ballrooms and the Uhall atrium. And will be heavily advertised across campus.  

How many days do you anticipate my club can rush for?

This is largely dependent on how many clubs have ratified for the semester. However, it's anticipated that your organization will be permitted to rush anywhere between 3-5 days between U-Hall and the Student Union Ballrooms.  

I'm not on the schedule for a day or two. What are my options?   

  1. The Club Overfill room's main purpose is to allow clubs not scheduled during a particular day to continue recruiting for their club in the SU Ballrooms.  

  2. The Buddy System: If you feel comfortable asking another club to set up, feel free to ask if you can share a table. Collaboration is key!