Fund Raising Ideas

Clubs, Fraternities and Sororities are always looking for great ideas to raise funds for their events or projects.  The following is a list of ideas that some have used.

1.  Car wash
2.  Raffle (you will need a license for this, talk to the ULSU General Manager)
3.  Bowl-a-thon
4.  Bottle drive
5.  Talent show
6.  Dance marathon
7.  Produce and sell bumper stickers
8.  Garage sale
9.  Auction of used items
10. Used CD sale
11. Bake sale
12. Service auction (typing, repairs, baking, sewing, tutoring, shopping, babysitting, etc.)
13. Sell chocolates, wrapping paper, goldmine booklets etc.
14. Banquet
15. Concession table at meetings to sell snacks
16. Helium balloons or flower sale around special dates
17. Paint windows for special events

If you have had any other successful ways of raising funds please email them to so they can be included on this list.

University of Lethbridge Fundraising Policy

The University acknowledges that faculties, departments, clubs, societies, associations and organized groups within the University may have an interest in fundraising activities. In the interest of meeting the University’s mission and just as importantly of respecting the donor community, it is important to become familiar with the Fundraising Coordination Policy available at the following link:

The Development department within the University of Lethbridge Advancement office is available for consultation with student club reps by calling 403-329-2582.